Make sure Jetpack G+ publicize settings work for you.

Just a quick post covering the G+ sharing in Jetpack publicize settings, but it caught me out at the weekend, so I thought I’d share in case anyone else has done the same thing.

When you set up Jetpack publicize you can connect a number of different networks, including Google+. I’d done this for my new photography blog, hosted on (You find this setting under Settings>Sharing there.) And then I noticed that when the posts were being shared, they were marked private, and were going to a limited audience.

It turned out that when I’d set it up, I’d left it at the default G+ setting, which was My circles, instead of opting for Public.

So in this screen:

jetpack publicise settings

I hadn’t gone into the dropdown alongside where it said my circles and changed it. I disconnected, and reconnected, and this time made sure I went for public.

There can be reasons for sharing just to your circles on G+ but when you’re auto sharing, you probably do want it to go as wide as it can. Plus if a post is shared to circles and someone goes to reshare, they will get a warning about limited audiences, which might put them off. Personally, I’m going for sharing as widely as I can on that auto share, if I want to fine tune, I can do that when I share manually.

Hope that’s a helpful tip for you, if it is, please share it on!

4 thoughts on “Make sure Jetpack G+ publicize settings work for you.

  1. Stephan Lechner

    Thank you! I overlooked this during set up, too. To make things worse, it also looks like you can’t change the sharing setting on G+ posts to “public” once you’ve auto-shared privately.

  2. Jo Sandelson

    This is really helpful Jax. Many thanks – wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. In fact I still don’t know my way around more than prob 30-50% of site and Jetpack perpetually broken, but perhaps this is the answer .. 🙂

  3. Mohd Arif

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    Great article ..

    Mohd Arif

    1. Jax Blunt Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, even if it was mainly because you wanted to leave a link to your site. Didn’t work – links in comment body are nofollow and I’ve removed it anyway.

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